For self-sufficient seniors who are looking to have some autonomy over their daily routines and lifestyle preferences, but wish to gain from the additional benefits of staying in senior living communities, living in a senior independent living community may be the best option for you. We have prepared a list of benefits you can receive if you move into a senior independent living community.

Maintenance-Free Senior Living Lifestyle

The best perk about living in a senior independent living community is the freedom you’ll get from not having to handle household chores. After moving into the community, you will no longer have to deal with tiring chores like mowing the lawn or changing the light bulbs. Maintenance and housekeeping services are provided by the community so you can relax and focus on other activities during your stay there. Other examples of maintenance-free perks include:

  • Full-time maintenance employees on standby for any repairs needed
  • No need to deal with expensive maintenance bills
  • Ease of scheduling repair requests for your apartment

All-Inclusive Stay for Senior Living

The days of worrying over whether you have left out any bill payments will be gone when you move into an independent living community. All of your bills such as utilities, rent or cable are compiled into one monthly bill, allowing you to easily keep track of your finances. In addition, moving into a community can be financially beneficial for you. If you are downsizing from the current house you are staying in, staying in a community can reduce your overall monthly expenses. Another cost-saving tip you can explore is the option of selling your vehicle. Should you move into the community, you can utilize their transportation services for all of your travelling needs.

Living Autonomously in a Retirement Community

When you stay in an independent living community, you will enjoy having your own space and privacy, yet have the opportunity to take part in communal activities if you so wish. From using the exercise facilities to participating in recreational activities, residents can utilize any of the amenities the living community has to offer.

When is the Best Time to Move into a Retirement Community?

If you like having your own home but do not want to worry about maintenance or household chores, and if you enjoy living in a community where you’ll be able to mingle with like-minded individuals, moving to a senior independent living community in your golden years might be the right choice for you.

Why Choose Veranda Club for Senior Living?

At Veranda Club, we aim to provide an inclusive, convenient and active environment for our residents. You will have the autonomy to customize a lifestyle that suits your needs and preferences. Whatever assistance you may require, our team of professionals are always there to help you. At Veranda Club, you will no longer have to worry about troublesome bill payments or tedious maintenance-related tasks – leave these to us! Make new friends, enjoy our resort-style amenities and lead your best life during your stay at Veranda Club!

To learn more about Veranda Club’s Independent Living program, contact us or call us at 561.565.6900 today.