man discussing his memories after seeing the honor flights in florida

Honor Flights Enjoyed by Florida Seniors

World War II veterans are a dying breed. Literally. In fact, the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 640 WWII vets will die every day in the U.S. But before they do, many are getting the gift of a lifetime – an Honor Flight visit to Washington D.C.’s WWII Memorial.  And Florida is taking part.…

couple staying safe during covid-19

Ensure Seniors’ Health & Safety During Covid-19

Ask These Tough Questions to Better Ensure Seniors’ Health & Safety  These three (3), pointed questions may foretell a community’s ability to safeguard its residents and maintain superior lifestyle quality, even in emergency situations like we’re facing today with COVID-19.  Food, amenities, and care and service. In our (comparatively) blissful lives before COVID-19, those were…

couple taking a walking practicing wellness for seniors

Wellness for Seniors Through Experiences

Less Is More: Why Experiences Hold the Key to Happiness and Not Material Things Nothing against Mercedes and mansions, but research has shown that the joy we get from material things is often short-lived and brief, while experiences are what really account for a more enjoyable and memorable life. Baby Boomers, particularly, perhaps are able…

couple learning about senior wellness and the dimensions of wellness

Charting a Path to Wellness in 2021

The dawning of a New Year always brings with it new hopes and possibilities for personal growth and improvement, fun and fulfillment, and perhaps the chance to experience new things. This makes the current moment the perfect time for all of those infamous resolutions during The New Year, whether it’s focusing on your health and fitness,…

man helping senior father learn how to choose an independent living facility online

How to Choose an Independent Living Facility

As you consider how to choose an independent living facility, your first step is to learn about this type of community overall. If you are tired of being at home alone and want an inclusive, amenity-filled environment, an independent living community has plenty to offer. Choosing the right facility involves asking plenty of questions, interviewing…