Does living at home alone leave you increasingly isolated and unable to receive the help you need? Or is paying for in-home care getting to be a financial challenge? If so, consider making the move to our senior living community in Boca Raton. Veranda Club offers resort-style amenities every resident will need, right at your doorstep.

About Our Resort-Style Amenities for Senior Living

Despite it being more of a challenge to get up and about in your advanced years, the necessities of daily life don’t just go away. You still have to attend to housekeeping and maintenance responsibilities, get the groceries and prepare your meals, as well as get haircuts from time to time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all these amenities and services provided for you within walking distance?

At Veranda Club, our resort-style amenities are situated just a stone’s throw away from your apartment home. This includes an elegant dining room where you can enjoy chef-prepared meals daily, a multifunction games and crafts space, lush outdoor recreational areas, and many more.

Benefits of Having Resort-Style Amenities in Your Retirement Community

When you have all the amenities you need right at your doorstep, life gets a lot more convenient and pleasurable. Below is a list of benefits you can enjoy:

  • Never have to worry about responsibilities such as housekeeping and maintenance again, knowing your needs are well taken care of
  • Never have to drive or walk long distances under unsafe conditions when you can have everything you need right on site, from nursing care to recreational activities
  • Live your best life surrounded by friendly neighbors and supportive team members
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Is living at home proving to be more of a challenge as the years go by, whether that is in terms of your physical mobility or mental health? If so, it’s time you considered moving into a senior living community such as Veranda Club.

Our resort-style amenities ensure that you never have to leave the premises to get anything you need, although you certainly can should you wish to join one of our many excursions or watch a show in town. Besides providing you with the care and assistance you need, customized to your individual needs, you will also benefit from a packed calendar of social events and recreational activities that will fill your life with meaning and purpose.

Why Choose Veranda Club for Senior Living?

When you join our community at Veranda Club, you will benefit from an individualized care plan that takes into account your unique needs, including insulation management, assistance with bathing and grooming, and more. While you enjoy and relax in our resort-style amenities, we will take care of your every need including keeping your apartment home clean and welcoming, preparing your meals and attending to any maintenance requests you may have.

To learn more about Veranda Club’s resort-style amenities, contact us or call us at 561.565.6900 today.